Monday, September 19, 2011

One week left!

So I've got one week and a day left until I leave for Paraguay and I have sooo many emotions and thoughts running through my mind.  Whats the weather going to be like? What are the people going to be like? Will they think I look funny compared to what they're used to? Will they look funny compared to what I'm used to? What is the food going to be like and am I going to gain/loose 687987 lbs? What will my host family be like? and How on earth am I going to communicate to people with my Spanish being the way it is? Man, the list goes on and on.  I suppose I'll find out in a WEEK!  I honestly can't wait and feel like I've been waiting on this for foreverr...and it will be here ohhh so soon.  I'm not even going to talk about packing...I haven't even started.  I love procrastinating.  So that's what I'll be spending my last week in good ole US of A doing. 

I fly out of Charlotte next Tuesday to Miami.  I'll be in Miami for a day for orientation, as well as meeting my group.  Then we'll all fly out of Miami to Buenos Aires, Argentina...which by the way is going to be a 10 hour flight...yikes.  I'm hoping there will be a longer layover in Argentine because I want to explore a little...we'll see.  Finally we'll fly out of Argentina to Asuncion, Paraguay...and then my adventure will begin...well actually I guess it will start in Miami  =)

 I can barely express how much I am going to miss my family and friends but am SO THANKFUL for all of them and especially their support.  This summer I have been able to literally see every one of my friends, from the east coast of VA and making my way west...and that's pretty rare considering we've all moved in our separate ways.  So thanks you all sooo much for the 500 going away parties, making the time to see me before I leave, and alllll the sweet texts, phone calls and FB messages I've received  =) 

I expect this blog will be the best way to keep up with what I am going to be doing in South I hope you all enjoy!

Ok I've got a lot of packing to get done...Adios!